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Pricing for Dog Poop Cleanup and Walking Services

Complete Yard Waste Removal solutions that match your needs and budget! 

  •  Twice a  week
  •  Weekly
  •  Bi-Monthly 
  •  Monthly

Or maybe you just want a Seasonal Clean Up !

And, we even offer Yard Sanitizing!!!!

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See Pricing Chart below. These prices are based on an average size yard. Large yards will be charged a higher rate. This will be explained at the time of estimate. Dog walking services are in conjunction with Calling All Dogs. Go to www.callingalldogsny.com

Pricing for Pooper Scooper Services

Additional Information

Visits                          1 Dog                            2 Dogs                  3 Dogs                   4+ Dogs

Once a week          $12.00/Visit              $15.00/Visit         $17.00/Visit         $24.00/Visit

Twice a week        $ 8.50/Visit               $ 12.00/Visit         $14.00/Visit          $18.00/Visit

Twice monthly     $ 17.00/Visit             $22.00/Visit         $27.00/Visit          Not Recommended

Once a month      $ 27.00/Visit             $30.00/Visit         Not Recommended


Small Yard              $20.00

Average Yard         $30.00

Large Yard             $45.00


1-2 Dogs    $35.00

3-5 Dogs    $47.00

EMERGENCY SERVICE will be billed at the rate of a monthly visit.

There will be a $2.00 Trip Charge for all locations outside Genesee County


Harmful Effects Of Dog Poop!

Did You Know???


Animal waste is more than just a nuisance and smelly…it is the #3 polluter of our great nation’s lakes, rivers and streams, and is full of harmful bacteria – some of which can spread disease to humans. Here are the most common myths about dog poop, and why hiring PooBeGone is so important if you are unable to “scoop the poop” yourself:


What is on top…damages your lawn underneath.

1. Dog poop is NOT fertilizer for your lawn and shrubs. Due to their high-protein diet, dog waste is highly acidic and will actually burn your grass creating brown patches.

2. Just one gram of dog waste can contain as many as 23 million fecal coliform bacteria , which can seep into groundwater and spread salmonella and giardia. This poses a hazard to your pets, your family, and your landscape.

3. Your lawn mower does not chop it up and make it go away. In fact, it makes it worse by spreading it around your yard in smaller pieces where you, your children, and your pets continue to step in it and then bring it into your home.

4. Dog fecal matter is a major contributor to storm water pollution. One out of three households have at least one dog, and all that dog poop left out in the rain eventually   liquifies and ends up in our storm drains, which in most metropolitan areas means it also ends up in our lakes and streams.

5. Nearly 20 years ago the EPA classified dog waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil. Not really a great thing to leave in your back yard, or have flowing into our storm drains.

6. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirms that hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salmonella can be spread by contact with infected dog waste. When dog poop is left to decay, after a long time (it can take over one year for dog waste to decompose) the poop may “disappear,” but the eggs from these parasites can linger for years in the soil – leaving your family and your pets vulnerable to serious infection.