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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I have to leave bags or containers for you?

PooBeGone does not require the client to provide any equipment and will remove all waste from your property.

2) Do my dogs need to be locked up when you come?

Generally, if your dogs are friendly, PooBeGone can operate with your dogs present. If your dogs are anxious about strangers, they should be properly secured until clean up is complete. PooBeGone always has a treat or two for friendly dogs.

3) Is tax included in the price.

Unfortunately, PooBeGone is required to collect sales tax so there will be tax added to the service amount.

4) Do you contact me before arriving?

Yes, PooBeGone will contact you before arriving for the estimate and depending on the service that  you request.

5) Do you provide any other services?

Yes, PooBeGone also provides yard sanitizing service using a safe green product to take the urine and poo smell away. This is a separate service with an additional cost.

6) What is your service area?

PooBeGone 's primary service area is Genesee County for weekly services. Seasonal and emergency service areas will be quite larger. Give us a call or email to discuss.